Migrant Student Scholarships

Check out these scholarship opportunities for your migrant students!

* Frank Kazmierczak
o Award Amount: Up to $1,000
o Application Deadline: February 1, 2016
o View Eligibility Information and Download Application:http://migrant.net/migra…/scholarships/forms/kazmierczak.pdf

* Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Migrant Scholarship
o Award Amount: At least $3,000
o Application Deadline: February 26, 2016
o View Eligibility Information and Download Application:http://www.nasdme.org/AlWright2016.pdf

* Gloria Mattera National Migrant Scholarship Fund
o Award Amount: Up to $250
o Application Deadline: April 15, 2016
o View Eligibility Information and Download Application:http://migrant.net/migrant/scholarships/forms/mattera.pdf

* Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarships for Migrant Farmworkers
o Award Amounts: Up to $2,500
o Application Deadline: See application
o View Eligibility Information and Download Application:http://migrant.net/migrant/scholarships/forms/thorn.pdf

* MSDRS Hot Links Flyer: MSDRS has compiled scholarship and postsecondary education and career planning resource links for migrant students into one document. Download the “Hot Links Flyer” at:https://www.msdr.org/Student/Postsecondary-Planning

Beyond Dreaming: Scholarship List for Undocumented Students in Washington State 2014 edition

A special thanks to the planners of the Beyond HB1079 Conference!

A special thanks to the planners of the Beyond HB1079 Conference!

During the 3rd annual Beyond HB 1079 Conference on April 5, 2014 all high school students were provided a USB with a scholarship packet. The scholarship handbook has three sections: Washington State scholarships, nationwide scholarships, and Washington higher education institution scholarship information. We also included information about HB 1079 and SB 6523, the REAL Hope Act/WA DREAM Act.

The staff of Beyond HB1079 Conference and La Cima wanted to help spread the word about this 88 page document! 

¡La Chispa! Video: 2013 High School Mentor Preparation

¡La Chispa! Video: 2013 High School Mentor Preparation

Watch this High School Mentors and get ready for ¡La Chispa! Bilingual Workshops.

Students serving as High School Mentors at ¡La Chispa! Bilingual Workshops can prepare for their service day by watching this video.

You can also watch the video on our website: http://lacima.org/lachispa

Source: http://vimeo.com/78599398

Staff Profile: Rodolfo Fierro

Rodolfo Fierro

Rodolfo Fierro: La Cima SC

Rodolfo Fierro: La Cima SC

short biography:

Naci el 13 de agosto de 1982 en la ciudad de Toluca ,edo de Mexico ,mi familia se movio a la ciudad de San Luis Potosi pocos anos despues , y en esta misma ciudad recibi mi primera educacion ,somos tres hermanos , yo soy el menor de ellos , mis dos hermanos son doctores y aun continuan con sus proyectos de investigacion en el area de Ciencias Quimicas en Mexico. Por otro lado yo continue con mis estudios en la ciudad de Mazatlan Sinaloa , graduandome como Instructor musical, me apasiona la musica ,guitarra flamenta y musica popular de cuba , me gusta la ensenanza,y el trabajar con ninos . Me mude a la ciudad de seattle en mayo del 2012 me case ese mismo ano , descubri la organizacion Cima , por medio de algunos buenos amigos de mi esposa , desde el primer momento me envolvio la idea y estoy listo para comenzar y aprender de la gente que tiene mas experiancia en este campo y claro apoyar en cuaquier actividad que sea posible para mejorar la experiencia de los estudiantes.

What is your favorite musician or band? Silvio Rodriguez , Damien Rice , Fernando Delgadillo.

What book do you suggest every young person read? El alquimista por el escritor brasileño Paulo Coelho

What do you think you do best? Buscar talento. Todos tenemos talentos para diferentes actividades, algo que aprendi con mi exeriencia en escuela y como maestro, fue a canalizar y potenciar las cualidades que tienen cada uno de los integrantes de un grupo de gente.

What past decision do you cherish the most?  Cuando tome la desicion de seguir mi suenos aunque estos estuvieran lejos de mi familia, me hizo sentir miedo y duda, pero a la vez un sentido de libertad.

What is it like to work with La Cima? Conocer gente que esta interesada en ayudar, escuchar, y dar consejos a gente que lo necesita no es facil, me siento con suerte detener oportunidad de colaborar en grupo como La Cima.


¡La Chispa! Regional Workshops 2013

Regional One-Day Workshops

Regional One-Day Workshops

¡La Chispa! Regional Workshop sites are settling in as school begins. Washington Student Leadership will sponsor twelve ¡La Chispa! sites across Washington State.  See more!

Have you participated in a ¡La Chispa! workshop? What was this experience like for you? Share your thoughts here:

Mark Morris High School, November 2012

Mark Morris High School, November 2012

Staff Profile: Karen Fierro

Karen Fierro

Please provide a short biography: 

I was born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1995. My family lived in poverty for a few years before my parents decided to come to the US and raise money in order to build a house for us in Mexico. They left my brother and I behind with our grandparents and worked hard for two years to raise money.  


Before I turned 5 they came back and decided to take us with them back to the US in order to secure our education. My family and I immigrated illegally to the US when I was barley 5 years old and I started kindergarten at Daffodil Valley soon after we had settled down in Sumner. 

I have lived in the Sumner School District ever since and Sumner is now what I call home. I was placed in the ESL classes from the beginning which created a separation between my classmates and I until second grade when I successfully tested out of the program. Ever since, I have had to strive in order to meet my academic needs. I have been in honor classes since seventh grade and in my Junior year of high school I decided to take on the full IB diploma program which is one of the most rigorous high school courses around the world. I've now graduated in Sumner High School's Class of 2013 having successfully completed the full IB program. 

My roots in leadership were inspired by my week at La Cima as a delegate the summer before my Junior year. Before that summer I was not sure whether I was going to follow through with the full IB program because I was doubting my capabilities to keep up. After camp I was inspired to take on the challenge and be someone to be proud of. I was also inspired to start a latino club at my school in order to bring together the very small Hispanic community at Sumner High. I learned that community is important and so is becoming close to your roots. The club was a great success.

I received the ActSix scholarship to Whitworth University in Spokane, which is a full ride scholarship for leadership. In August I will be attending Whitworth as an intended political science major and spanish minor. My future goal is to give back to the people and bring the face of the people to the people by working with youth in urban settings possibly as a high school teacher.

What is your website or a website you recommend?  actsix.org

What is your favorite musician or band? Justin Timberlake

What book do you suggest every young person read? The Goose Girl

What do you think you do best? I'm good at speaking in front of people when it is something that I believe should be heard. Public speaking has not always been my strong point but its become easier as I take on more leadership positions.

What past decision do you cherish the most? I'm glad that I decided to speak up about being placed in a class that was not for me just because I had taken ESL before. I was placed in a class that was too slow for me so I went to the teacher and then to the principal in order to get placed in accelerated classes. I just wished I had done it sooner.

What is it like to work with La Cima? I love working with the La Cima staff because I can tell that they are passionate about helping out the delegates. During my experience as a delegate I felt that I could relate with everybody that had taken a leadership role especially the JC's. One is more interested in what is being said to them when they know that it is coming from someone who has felt the same before.


Special Thanks to Allegra Marketing, Print & Mail

Please celebrate with us!

Thursday, April 18
2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Presentation of all awards will begin at 2:15 p.m. Refreshments provided.

509 Market Street, Suite 100, Shreveport, LA71101

La Cima Ark-La-Tex

Armando and Norma Garza submitted a grant to Allegra Marketing, Print and Mail in Shreveport, LA. We received an award of $1,000 in printing from the Allegra 2013 Jim Elliott Memorial FootPRINT Fund. 

La Cima Ark-La-Tex would like to thank Allegra for the award. It will go a long way in supporting our students. We are grateful for your generosity and service.

Beyond Dreaming: Scholarship List for Undocumented Students in Washington State

DREAMing the American Dream

Photo by Vincent Perez

Photo by Vincent Perez

Alejandra Perez, a freshman at the University of Washington Bothell and Assistant Director of the Beyond HB 1079 Conference, sent out a scholarship list as a followup to the 2nd annual Beyond HB 1079 Conference held on March 30th, 2013. Alejandra writes, "We want this list to reach everyone in Washington! Please forward it to every student, educator, parent, community member, etc. that you know! If you have any comments or questions, or if you have a scholarship that could be added to the packet please email me to mprzale@uw.edu."

The scholarship handbook has three sections: Washington State scholarships, nationwide scholarships, and Washington higher education institution scholarship information.

Deaf Teen Leadership Camp Releases Spanish Flyer

Auspiciado por Washington State Association of the Deaf y Washington Student Leadership

Auspiciado por Washington State Association of the Deaf y Washington Student Leadership

Resolver problemas
Trabajar con un equipo
Abogar por si mismo

Campamento de Liderazgo Para Jóvenes Sordos (PDF Flyer)

Quien: Estudiantes de High School sordos, grados 9-12
Cuando: Junio 27 –Julio 2, 2013
Donde: Cispus Learning Center, Randle, WA
Costo: $230 a cada persona. Asistencia financiera limitada. Hay transportación por costo adicional.
Directora: Maria Christian, dtcamp@gmail.com
Descarga la registración, www.awsp.org/leadershi

Over ten years ago, the Washington Student Leadership program expanded its service to include nontraditional student leaders and student leadership development. Deaf Teen Leadership sprouted from the same inclusive growth that created La Cima. Our content, philosophies and experiential approach work for many students. Washington Student Leadership is currently working on Native and juvenile justice outreach.

Identity development and character education are important to all students. Years ago, I informally renamed leadership camp to “personship” camp. The work we do helps students find answers to the timeless questions concerning our own identities: Who am I? Who and how do I want to be with others? What is my place in this world? Actively reflecting on our beliefs and behaviors among a safe community is a key component of leadership development.

Safety often comes with the familiar. I have found that affinity groups or groups made up with a common link or culture often provides safe spaces when seeking answers to deep questions. Shared struggles, common mistakes and resembled resiliency are often found among affinity groups. Whether the common bond is teaching, participating in the same sports team, being a veteran, a woman, Latino, gay or deaf, the benefits of affinity groups are the same; affirmation and solidarity.

Loneliness is felt by the outcast and the popular, the poor and the rich, the gay and the straight. Courage is a trait of the soldier and the pacifist, the leader and the follower, the confident and the fearful. Sharing our stories among common, safe people often transcends our particular similarity and provides a window into our greater humanity and our ability to relate to one another.

PEMCO Camp Scholarship Applications Due March 22, 2013

La Cima Retreat, October 2012

La Cima Retreat, October 2012

Reach for the Stars! PEMCO and the School Employees Credit Union of Washington present:

25 Emerging Leader Scholarships
For Our 2013 High School Leadership Camps!

Washington Student Leadership is blessed once again by a generous gift from PEMCO and the School Employees Credit Union. The intent of this scholarship is to provide leadership training to students from under-represented populations within the school. Nominees should be selected from under-represented populations, which could include socio-economic, ethnicity, bilingual, or strong informal leadership within the school. Applications are due March 22, 2013.

Apply Here