Shoreline School District

Thank you note from a happy principal:

April 17, 2012

Hi Vincent,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much we loved the conference/workshop here in Shoreline.  Our students are so fired up!  They are organizing an all school "world cup" soccer tournament to be held at lunch time over the course of one week.  We set a goal to get 16 five person teams signed up by April 17 and...they have 16 five person teams signed up!  Our tournament will be held the first week in May.

Thank you.  I do believe because of you this became a possibility.  

Our students came away from the conference empowered and inspired and now our Latino students have chosen to get involved with Shorecrest High School in a BIG and positive way.  You and Luis connected with our students in a very real, clear, powerful life changing way.

Students wrote notes and said,

"Now I know, no one can tell me no."

"Now I know, I do want to go to college."

Teachers have commented on the positive changes they have seen in some of the students' attitudes, behaviors and performance.  Many teachers have said thank you to me for bringing the students to the conference because of the changes they have seen and because they have tried to connect to the students prior to the conference and had felt unable to.  

We even have a staff team signed up for the soccer tournament...the Latino Club is thrilled.  They have created, flyers, posters, written announcements for the daily bulletin, created sign up sheets, brackets, secured referees, secured equipment needed, created a video advertisement, contacted local organizations to donate snacks and beverages for the players, secured five Sounders tickets and a restaurant gift certificate for the winning team!!  I am so proud of them and we are having a blast.

So, thank you again!!
Kristi Queen
Assistant Principal
Shorecrest High School