Deaf Teen Leadership Camp Releases Spanish Flyer

Auspiciado por Washington State Association of the Deaf y Washington Student Leadership

Auspiciado por Washington State Association of the Deaf y Washington Student Leadership

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Campamento de Liderazgo Para Jóvenes Sordos (PDF Flyer)

Quien: Estudiantes de High School sordos, grados 9-12
Cuando: Junio 27 –Julio 2, 2013
Donde: Cispus Learning Center, Randle, WA
Costo: $230 a cada persona. Asistencia financiera limitada. Hay transportación por costo adicional.
Directora: Maria Christian,
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Over ten years ago, the Washington Student Leadership program expanded its service to include nontraditional student leaders and student leadership development. Deaf Teen Leadership sprouted from the same inclusive growth that created La Cima. Our content, philosophies and experiential approach work for many students. Washington Student Leadership is currently working on Native and juvenile justice outreach.

Identity development and character education are important to all students. Years ago, I informally renamed leadership camp to “personship” camp. The work we do helps students find answers to the timeless questions concerning our own identities: Who am I? Who and how do I want to be with others? What is my place in this world? Actively reflecting on our beliefs and behaviors among a safe community is a key component of leadership development.

Safety often comes with the familiar. I have found that affinity groups or groups made up with a common link or culture often provides safe spaces when seeking answers to deep questions. Shared struggles, common mistakes and resembled resiliency are often found among affinity groups. Whether the common bond is teaching, participating in the same sports team, being a veteran, a woman, Latino, gay or deaf, the benefits of affinity groups are the same; affirmation and solidarity.

Loneliness is felt by the outcast and the popular, the poor and the rich, the gay and the straight. Courage is a trait of the soldier and the pacifist, the leader and the follower, the confident and the fearful. Sharing our stories among common, safe people often transcends our particular similarity and provides a window into our greater humanity and our ability to relate to one another.