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Vincent Perez is serving the Snohomish County Health Department and the Monroe Community Coalition on a project to promote mental health access among Latino/Hispanic men.

One part of this project is to create a social messaging campaign. We’ve conducted focus groups with Latino fathers, high school students, young professionals and incarcerated youth. The resulting campaign is intended to respond to men’s pride of relationship. We want to promote mental wellness through the roles we play as men: fathers, brothers, sons, etc.

We are inviting families to serve as champions for our campaign. The images and messaging will be similar to the draft designs on this webpage. We are seeking a total of 8-12 images for the campaign, including uncles, grandfathers, grandsons, novios, etc. Therefore, most of the images we take will only be for you and your family and may not make the final social campaign.

You are invited to bring anyone in your world that you would like to celebrate. Although we are seeking specific relationships, we will take photos of all and any combinations of family and friends that you bring.

Are you a husband in need of new updated partner photos? Would you like to take some photos with your little brother? Are you a someone who wants to highlight their father with celebratory photos? AND, would you like your photos to serve in social messaging campaign?


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Vincent Perez

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Social Campaign Mock Up

Social Campaign Mock Up

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We are conducting interviews to inform service providers on SAMHSA’s six principles that guide a trauma-informed approach. These include: Safety; Trustworthiness & Transparency; Peer Support; Collaboration & Mutuality; Empowerment & Choice; and Cultural, Historical & Gender Issues.

Draft Designs for social messaging campaign promoting latino men’s mental health: