Grupo Ollin: Network Build

Wild Rose: Artwork by Grupo Ollin

Wild Rose: Artwork by Grupo Ollin


September 7, 2015, noon-4pm

Green Hill School

375 Southwest 11th Street, Chehalis, WA 98532

Grupo Ollin or Group of Change/Group in Movement is the Latino Culture Group at Green Hill School in Chehalis, WA. Green Hill is a state juvenile prison.

Read reflections on the importance of networking by Grupo Ollin members.

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Listen to Grupo Ollin perform Fly Eagle Fly for our Indigenous Songs Project:

Fly Eagle Fly: Artwork by Grupo Ollin

Fly Eagle Fly: Artwork by Grupo Ollin

The goal of our Network Build is to expand exposure to professionals and current college students for members of Grupo Ollin. Help us to grow connections, increase self-worth and deal with feelings. 


  • 11:50 am Arrive at prison gate to sign in
  • 12:00 pm Lunch with students
  • 12:35 pm Welcome: In Lak'Ech, Open to Directions
  • 12:45 pm What Grupo Ollin Means to Me
  • 1:00   pm Large Group Meet & Greet
  • 1:20   pm Small Group Rotations
  • 2:20  pm Teaming: It's a Verb
  • 3:15   pm Information Exchange 
  • 3:30  pm Closing: Appreciations, Congratulations & Admirations
  • 4:00 pm Depart

Grupo Ollin gathers every Monday. Vincent Perez has served as group leader since January of 2014. Upon the urging of his students in early that spring, Vincent sought Indigenous knowledge and teachings. By July, he attended XITO (Xican@ Institute for Teaching and Organizing), a 3-day workshop developed by the maestr@s behind the successes of the former Tucson Mexican American Studies Program. Once returning from XITO, Grupo Ollin jumped into an exploration of the Nahui Ollin (Four Movements) and has since journeyed through multiple writing projects, art projects, music projects, presentations and pow wows. Learn how Grupo Ollin is utilizing the teachings and knowledge passed down from our ancestors to reflect on questions profound and perfunctory.



For more information, please contact:

Vincent Perez



In his book, Empowering Yourself, The Organizational Game RevealedHarvey Coleman asserts that career success is based on the 3 key elements of Performance, Image and Exposure (a.k.a. PIE):

1. Performance:  What You Know. What You Do. This is about the day-to-day work you’re tasked with and the quality of the results you deliver. 

2. ImageWho Knows You. This is what other people think of you.  Your personal brand and reputation.

3. ExposureWho You Know. This is about having access to power, getting proper visibility for yourself and your work, having positive sponsorship and trustworthy mentors, and earning people’s confidence in you. Gaining advocacy is critical in your career. That means getting visibility with executive leadership, networking effectively, and creating one-on-one relationships of mutual respect with mentors that are committed to helping you succeed.

Performance counts for 10% of success. Image   counts for 30% of   success. Exposure   counts for 60% of   success.

Performance counts for 10% of success. Image counts for 30% of success. Exposure counts for 60% of success.

Written Reflections on Newtorks by Grupo Ollin

Why Network?

Networking is crucial and necessary to building a strong foundation for our transitioning into the community from incarceration. Through communicating with those in a more established position than our own within the community, we are presented with opportunities to expand our resources. In the past, having legal sources of employment, housing, and graduating from high school seemed far fetched and unattainable. Many of us become complacent with self imposed struggles we faced outside of incarceration. By networking and acquiring necessary resources for employment, housing and proper schooling, success becomes attainable. Networking is vital to our future accomplishments and victories within our communities. 

What a Network Means to Me

A network to me is strength. With a network you will have more chances to succeed. A network never ends. It’s like a chain that can take you to the bottom or the top. There can be positive and negative networks. I followed a negative network and it didn’t end so good for me. I used to have drug, money and crime networks. I knew people with power that knew others with higher power. 

I’ve had a rough life since a young age. I was affiliated with [gang],  sex, drugs, crimes and hate. At the time, I thought it was the real thing to do. I was deeply involved for a couple of years. It started in early middle school times. I am currently doing two and a half years because of the network I had. But, I am seeking new networks. Now that I know people with positive lives, goals and dreams, I feel like a real man. I know there is so much value behind each network and, if you use it wisely, you’ll get somewhere. There’s educational, political and money networks. And that’s just three. 

Now that I no longer gang bang, commit crimes or have a twisted mentality, I feel like I can take on any new challenge from a network. But, the most important network for me is my family and true friends. My family has helped me cope with my problems. They have been my main motivation to success, but I know I need to   grow my professional and educational networks. I will be out in 2 months!