Bilingual regional workshops for middle school students across Washington State. To register go to

2014-2015 School-Year



  • Friday, April 3, 2015: Brewster HS


  • Centralia/Chehalis Area: October 23, 2014. Successful Workshop. Thank you Centralia HS!
  • Edmonds School District: November 13, 2014. Successful Workshop. Thank you Lynnwood HS!
  • Lake Stevens Area: November 18, 2014. Successful Workshop. Thank you Cavelero!
  • Tri-Cities Area: November 18, 2014. Successful Workshop. Thank you CBC!
  • Toppenish Area: November 19, 2014. Successful Workshop. Thank you Toppenish HS!


  • Kent School District:  January 7, 2015: Successful Workshop. Thank you Kent-Meridian HS!

  • Kelso/Longview Area: January 15, 2015. Successful Workshop. Thank you RA Long HS!
  • Sumner/Auburn Area: February 4, 2015. Successful Workshop. Thank you Sumner HS!
  • Shoreline Area: February 5, 2015: Successful Workshop. Thank you Shoreline Conference Center!
  • Wenatchee Area: February 11, 2015. Successful Workshop. Thank you Icicle River MS!
  • Tacoma Area:  February 12, 2015. Successful Workshop. Thank you UPS!
  • Vancouver Area: February 19, 2015. Successful Workshop. Thank you Mountain View HS!

* Workshops begin at 9:00am and conclude at 1:30pm

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One-Day Regional Bilingual Workshops

¡La Chispa! ayuda a que estudiantes tengan confianza en sí mismos, fortalezcan su identidad cultural y aumenten su éxito académico. Tres factores que determinan el éxito del estudiante, los cuales son: adultos que son modelos positivos, la participación en la escuela y el servicio comunitario. ¡La Chispa! ofrece avance en estas tres áreas. 


¡La Chispa! (The Spark) helps students build their self-confidence, strengthen their cultural identity and increase their academic success. Student success is largely dependent on three factors: positive adult role models, involvement in school and community service. ¡La Chispa! offers students advancement in all three areas.  

Thank you for inspiring me. Honestly the most life changing experience. Had so much fun today being a leader! So pumped for the future!!!!!
— Arcelia Cruz Junior @ Sumner high
 ¡La Chispa! Workshop at Sumner High

 ¡La Chispa! Workshop at Sumner High

It’s been about a week since we attended La Chispa, and students I never knew before have sought me out in the halls telling me what it means to be Latino. The La Chispa experience gave them recognition many have never had before. They want to be able to achieve a high GPA to rid the stigma that Mexicans are ‘dumb.’ Most of all, they want to learn how to be successful.
— Marla Green, 6th-7th-grade Language Arts Teacher, Coweeman Middle School (Kelso)

Middle School Outreach

¡La Chispa! Regional Bilingual Workshops are one-day events designed to teach leadership skills to middle level Latino students. ¡La Chispa! uses both English and Spanish to help students build self-confidence, strengthen their cultural identity and increase academic success. High schools throughout the state have hosted these middle level workshops in the past and have created leadership growth for high school students willing to help prepare for the event and serve as high school role models. Each high school that hosts a ¡La Chispa! Regional Workshop helps serve between 100-250 middle level Latino students and creates a leadership opportunity for 15-20 of their Latino high school student leaders.

¡La Chispa! Workshop at Mark Morris High

¡La Chispa! Workshop at Mark Morris High

 ¡La Chispa! Workshop at Sumner High

 ¡La Chispa! Workshop at Sumner High

 ¡La Chispa! Workshop at Mark Morris High

 ¡La Chispa! Workshop at Mark Morris High

Past Workshops

2013-2014 School-Year

  • Seattle World School  Nov 13
  • Centralia HS, Nov 13
  • Toppenish HS, Nov 13
  • Lynnwood HS, Nov 14
  • Cavelero Mid High, Nov 19
  • Kent-Meridian HS, Nov 19
  • Moses Lake HS, Nov 20
  • Washington HS, Nov 20
  • Eastmont JH, Nov 21
  • LaVenture MS, Nov 21
  • RA Long HS, Jan 16
  • Hudson's Bay HS, Jan 23

2012-2013 School-Year

  • Cavelero Mid High, Nov 8
  • Kent-Meridian HS, Nov 28
  • La Venture MS, Nov 15
  • Lynnwood HS, Nov 27
  • Mark Morris HS, Nov 28
  • Shoreline SD, Nov 28
  • Spokane Valley, Nov 14
  • Sumner HS, Nov 14
  • Washington HS, Nov 27
  • Centralia HS, Jan 22
  • Eastmont JH, Jan 15
  • Hudson's Bay HS, Jan 24
  • Kennewick HS, Jan 24
  • Toppenish HS, Jan 16

2012-2013 Participating Schools: 1,446 students served

Alderwood MS,   Bridgeport MS,   Brier Terrace MS,   Cascade MS,   Cascade MS (Highline),   Cavelero Mid High,   Centralia MS,   Chehalis MS,   Chinook MS,   College Place MS,   Coweeman MS,   Discovery MS, Eastmont JH,   Einstein MS, Eisenhower MS,   Entiat MS,   Evergreen MS,   Evergreen MS,   Foothills MS,   Ford MS, Gaiser MS,   Glacier MS,   Granger MS, Green Acres MS,   Hamilton Int'l MS, Highlands MS,   Housel MS, Huntington MS,    Illahee MS,    Issaquah MS,    Keithley MS,   Kellogg MS,   Kilo MS,   La Venture MS,   Lake Stevens MS,   Lakewood MS,   Lakota MS,   Lincoln MS,   Lochburn MS, Manson School,   Meadowdale MS, Meeker MS,   Monument Ele,   Mount Baker MS,   Mount Solo, North Lake MS, North MS,   North Pines MS,   Odle MS, Okanogan MS,   Olympic View MS,   Park MS,   Park Place MS,   Port Susan MS, Quincy JH,   Redmond MS,   Ridgeline MS,   Rochester MS,   Sacajawea MS, Saghalie MS,   Sequoyah MS,   Sierra Vista MS,   Stahl JH,   Sterling Intermediate, Stevens MS,   Tenino, Toppenish HS/MS,   Totem MS, White River MS,   Winlock MS,   Winlock MS, and   Yelm MS.

Hosting ¡La Chispa! at your school!


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What high school do you attend?
Please choose the host-site where you will serve.


Students serving as High School Mentors at ¡La Chispa! Bilingual Workshops can prepare for their service day by watching this video.

Serve as a ¡La Chispa! High School Mentor

  • Review Mentor Responsibilities (Click Here) 
  • Review Student Handouts (Click Here) 
  • Serve as a role model for the one-day workshop
  • Facilitate a group of 9-14 middle school students
  • Participate with enthusiasm
  • Share your dreams and success with younger students
  • Please arrive at 7:30 a.m. to help the facilitators set up. You will receive a T-shirt and a notebook with handouts, lesson plans and schedule. 
  • The day ends at 2:00 p.m. 


Sumner High School

Sumner High School

Host Site Requirements

  • 15-20 High School Mentors
  • Gym space with bleachers
  • Sound system with two microphones and i-Pod capability
  • 2-3 long tables for registration process
  • Separate adviser meeting room for 15-20 people from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
  • 3-4 lined garbage cans for trash after lunch
  • Large orange sign 12 feet long x 6 feet high (two lengths of 12 feet butcher paper taped together) that reads:


¡La Chispa!

Dream * Learn * Serve

Soñar * Aprender * Servir




  1. Select high school mentors.
  2. Confirm gym reservation, sound system with 2 microphones and ipod jack, 2-3 tables and 3-4 garbage cans (with permission to eat in the gym or adjacent area).
  3. Guide high school mentors on middle school outreach and press release outreach. Encourage students to document their volunteer hours and coach them on how to reach out to principals and the press.

High School Mentors:

  1. Create a space (notebook, cellphone note, etc.) to record your tasks and time spent on the ¡La Chispa! workshop for volunteer hours.
  1. Middle School Outreach: This can be in the form of a letter, email or personal visit. Be sure to use the ¡La Chispa! Registration Form during your outreach. Make appointments with principals of your feeder schools if you are going to visit. In a group of 3-4 visit the principal and make your "pitch!"
  2. ¡La Chispa! Press Release: A press release is a written communication directed at members of the news media. They can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations or television stations. We have created a press release template for each host-site. Reach out directly to each news source and be sure to prepare statements about your story and how ¡La Chispa! impacts you and your school. 

One Week Out

  1. Create ¡La Chispa! backdrop
  2. Watch facilitation videos and practice the activities.
  3. Prepare volunteer paperwork to be signed by ¡La Chispa! Facilitator or your adviser.
  4. Make plans to arrive at 7:30am on the day of your ¡La Chispa! Workshop.